Below are testimonials I have received from my clients.  If you have had any type of services from me and would like to leave a testimonial, please send it to contact@mistymthompson.com along with your mailing address.  I will send you a free gift for taking the time to submit your testimonial.

“My reading with Misty was thorough, in-tuned and informative. She put me at ease and allowed the energy to flow. I walked away feeling very peaceful.”
Nadean O., British Columbia, Canada
My Spiritual Guidance Report for the year from Misty was spot on.  I was directed toward an area that needed my attention and reminded me that Heaven is helping me change my life for the better.  Believe and Trust!  Misty’s Spiritual Guidance Report is a wonderful way to start any new chapter whether it is a birthday, new season, or new year.”
Janice E.
“I would highly recommend Misty for anyone seeking spiritual guidance from the Angels.  I was at a very low point in my life and the Angel Card Readings brought such hope, encouragement, and comfort to me.  I remember one particular reading that seemed way off and I thought that there was no way this was possible.  However, approximately six months later, it came to be!!  Today I am happy, whole, and at peace with my life thanks to God and his Angels.”          ~ Anonymous
When I got my 2017 Spiritual Guidance Report from Misty, I was thrilled how accurate everything was.  It is everything I need in my life right now to help me grow with the support of the Archangels and encouraging words Misty said.  2016 was a little rough but I truly believe if I follow her spiritual guidance, 2017 will be a smooth positive path.  I know now that if I believe and trust that anything is possible.  Thank you Misty for shining that light for me!  Here is to a great year to come!  Much love!”               ~K. A. Gilbert, Arizona
 “I trusted Misty to prepare a 2017 Spiritual Guidance Report for me after having an angel reading a few months earlier.  Although my own intuitive guidance has given me many of the same messages, it is always reassuring to hear it from another messenger.  Although I have not had my report long, it is already useful.  Using the affirmations and the relationship with the Archangel Gabriel, I have reignited my spiritual confidence and trust.  Although I believe we all have the gift of receiving messages from spirit and being guided to out best selves, it is wonderful to have Misty as a spiritual coach to remind us of own gifts to help us with our life lessons.”                 ~Tammy F.  Arizona
Misty is utterly amazing, she is very caring and truly puts her heart into what she does.  I have received readings and participated in her mentoring program, as a result, I have grown exponentially!  Everything she has said has been spot on and inspirational.  Thanks to her I can say I am many steps closer to achieving my higher, better self.”  ~Brandi Leachet, Safford