Spiritual Life Coaching

Are you unsure which path you should choose?

Sometimes we need a little guidance to see things from another perspective.  This helps us not to take experiences that we have been involved with too personally. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, in fact it takes a strong individual to ask for assistance when it is needed.  The coaching I provide is not textbook, I am not a Psychologist or Psychiatrist.  I do not have our sessions planned in advanced.  I need to first talk to you for a few moments and pick up on your energy.  This will tell me intuitively in which direction we need to go.

I provide you with homework to not only show me how committed you are but to reinforce what was discussed.  The goal by the end of our commitment is for you to be able to solve the issues you happen to be involved with on your own, using your own intuition and guidance from your spirit guides and Guardian Angels.  Each coaching package includes:

  • An hour and half session once a week;
  • A copy of one of my books (selected based on your individual need);
  • Specific resources such as PDF’s, videos, and MP3’s, that I have created for my clients that are applicable to your healing;
  • A 30% discount on all of my products and services (with the exception of my coaching packages and as long as you are involved in the coaching commitment);
  • Targeted homework that will assist you in your healing; and
  • Free admission to all of my classes and workshops that are being held during your coaching commitment.

I offer the following packages:

  1. One month/4 sessions;
  2. Two months/8 sessions;
  3. Three months/12 sessions; and
  4. Four months/16 sessions.

Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation: