Below are resources that may help you on your path.  As I utilize more resources, I will include them on this page.  Check back regularly.

Sunny Dawn Johnston

If you are interested in writing a book, click on the following link below to find out more. Shanda Trofe has been involved helping me with my books.  I have learned so much from her and she has been extremely patient with me as a new author.  She has created an online course to help you write the book that is inside you.  Shanda has several books and courses that will help you tell your story.

Shanda Trofe’s Webpage

Melissa Corter has been a mentor of mine since November.  She currently offers courses that involves hypnonidras for the new moon and full moon.  These are amazing.  Also offers courses through the South Western Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) entitled, “Nudges from your S[orot.”  She is amazingly intuitive.  Her website is below:

Melissa Corter’s Web Page

Jodie Harvala is an incredible psychic medium who has taught me the importance of space clearing.  This is one of the newer services that I now offer.  Thanks to Jodie, I am confident in my abilities as a space clearer.

Jodie Harvala’s Webpage