The Magic of Space Clearing


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Jodie Harvala is a forward thinking, spirit loving, space clearing, psychic, teacher and coach. She is also the founder of The Spirit School. Walking through her own spirit journey, she went from a fear *based* woman to a spiritually fearLESS entrepreneur.

Jodie loves teaching others how to connect with spirit and also how to experience spirit in the sacred, everyday moments of life. She teaches through experience with each and every class offered. People who participate walk away with their own very real experience with spirit and a fresh perspective regarding the next step on their personal journal here on earth.

Jodie shares tools and ideas to connect with spirit on a daily basis, creating your own magical experience day to day. When we walk through life with direction from spirit, we become fearless. With each course offered from Spirit School, you will feel empowered and filled with magic in your own life. Hands on your hearts, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to pledge allegiance to your higher self.


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