Spiritual Leader’s Directory 2018 Hardcover


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Find and connect with our TOP PICK trained professionals ready to help you heal and grow.

Looking to discover your life’s purpose and kick start your path to a life of progress and growth? Or perhaps you’re searching for someone to assist you with a challenge?

The journey of life is made easier when you have a highly experienced mentor working with you and helping you through situations that they may have passed through themselves.

The Spiritual Leaders Directory is the ultimate companion for finding the best spiritual guides, coaches, teachers and motivators.

This all-encompassing book offers you a thorough compilation of world class specialists and renowned teachers who have a vast history of helping people in your position overcome their own challenges and surpass their preconceived mental and physical limits.

Juried by the Visionary Insight Press Editorial Board, the Spiritual Leaders Directory equips you with comprehensive information, professional bios and contact information from specialist ranging from Anger Management to Healing Techniques to Zen Practices to help you connect with the best mentor for you.

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