Psychic Mediumship Reading – 1 1/2 hours


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If you are interested in connecting with loved ones and friends who have passed, this type of reading is for you.  Our loved ones give us signs that they are with us regularly; however, we are so focused on our grief, we do not believe this can happen and consider the signs we receive “coincidents, and/or just completely miss out on them.  I connect with those who are able and want to, it may or may not be the individual you are wanting to connect with, but nonetheless each and every message is special and important.  When I connect, I work to ensure that the message I give you is as specific as possible.  I ask for special messages that would only make sense to the two of you and I always ask to give me a sign and/or symbol that i give to you so when you see and hear it, you know that it is them.  I ask that the sign is very specific so when you see it, you know without a doubt that it is meant for you.


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