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Stephanie and Misty….June 1993 – two months before Stephanie disappeared.

I am offering to you both of my books, “By Your Side” and “From Grief to Acceptance” .

My sister, Stephanie, disappeared on August 18, 1993 and was missing for 55 days. Her remains were found on October 12, 1993. To acknowledge the 26th anniversary of her disappearance, I wanted to offer something special to those who are part of my Facebook Tribe.

“By Your Side” is my first solo book and depicts what happened and how my family (specifically my mom) struggled through the pain and frustrations of Stephanie’s disappearance. My mom documented everything every day. This book steps into that journey.

“From Grief to Acceptance” is what I learned from Stephanie herself after her death. The experience taught me so much and while writing the first book, I was actually able to begin my grieving process 20 years later.


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