List of Services 


Angel Card or Mediumship for one hour,  $60.00

Angel Card or Mediumship for 1.5 hours, $100.00

During these readings, I utilize Archangel Oracle cards and the energy of myself, the client, Spirit Guides, Archangels, and our loved ones who have passed away.

Coaching Packages (meeting weekly) :

One Month:  Meets 4 times, $450.00

Two Months:  Meets 8 times, $800.00

Three Months:  Meets 12 times, $1,150.00

Four Months:  Meets 16 times, $1,500.00

Each coaching commitment includes the following:

*A copy of one of my books (picked based on your individual need).

*Free entrance to my group sessions and workshops (As long as you are in the coaching commitment at the time of the event).

*Specific resources such as PDFs, videos, and MP3s created for my clients that are applicable to your healing.

*A 30% discount on all of my products or services (with the exception of coaching packages.  This discount is valid as long as you are in the coaching commitment).

*Targeted homework that will assist in your healing.

The coaching add-ons mentioned above are non-transferable and are only available to you while in a coaching commitment.


Energetic Space /Body Clearing:

Entire house (3 bed/2 bath), $250.00

One physical area or body, $150.00       

Space clearing is a process that is done to clear your house, physical area or body of unwanted energy. Our energy just settles around like dust would do. I have personally noticed energy collecting in corners and closets. Energy can and does affect people in a negative way. Have you walked into a room and could tell that two people had just been in an argument.? There is a common saying, “you could cut the tension with a knife.” This is the energy that I can clear for you.


Ask a question and one follow-up, $30.00       

This is for guidance on a specific question. You may not feel the need or want to have a full session, so I am offering this opportunity for my clients to ask one question. Once I answer you can ask one follow-up question.


Spiritual Guidance Reports, $50.00         

This is a comprehensive report that is tailored to you. I use my intuition and your energy to prepare your report. There are several sections to the report and I am confident that it will help you on your daily journey. Contact Information:

I only see people by appointment only and I prefer that you notify me by using the Contact Page to send me a comment about what type of session you are requesting. I can see you in person or by phone (can be by Facetime or Skype but not necessary). You can also send me a message through my Facebook page by clicking on the link below:

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