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Are You Ready to Find Yourself? Being in a place of finding yourself means that you are going to have to answer those difficult questions. Are you up ready for that? Really ready? I am curious if you really believe in your heart that you are unworthy, undeserving, unlovable, a failure, this list goes on and on…. I personally don't… Continue reading Are You Ready to Find Yourself?

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What is your reason for not following your purpose What is stopping you from taking the step towards your purpose? We all have a reason why we are not following our guidance towards our purpose. Here I talk about some of the reasons....our families (we are told that we can't have both), fear, lack of clarity, or the belief that there isn't money… Continue reading What is your reason for not following your purpose

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Religion and Spirituality

The topic of religion and spirituality has been coming to me in different ways recently from my clients, from those in my group sessions in addition to articles and videos. While meditating the other morning, I was guided to write my next blog on the difference between religion and spirituality.  Some of you will read… Continue reading Religion and Spirituality