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I came across a great article regarding loss, some of the physical ailments that come from grief, and how it may show up in your life.

Have Faith and Know the Sun Will Rise Again.

I recently read an interesting article in the Unity Church’s publication, “Daily Word” from the March/April 2019 edition. Because it is Easter this month, this article resonated with me. The story of Jesus being buried in a tomb and three days later it was discovered that he was not there. The women who discovered this, …

What is Keeping You From Yourself?

What is keeping you from your finding yourself? I visualize in my head that the answers may include grief, my ex, or my children, to name a few things. Actually, what is keeping you from finding yourself? It is you…you are choosing to be swallowed up by the emotions from a situation. You are giving …

Are You Working Through  a Loss?

Are You Working Through a Loss?

Working through a loss can mean different things to different people. Loss of a job, relationship, death of a loved one or even loss of money or social status for some can be a tragedy!! On this video, I ask the question…..Are you okay staying in this state of loss? Loss can bring up different …

Have You Had Feelings of Defeat?

Feelings of defeat – shows up when you give your power away. People attack others mentally, emotionally, verbally due to insecurities. We feel defeated when we are not compassionate towards ourself. Learn what to do when you have feelings of defeat by sending me a FB Private Message or sending me an email: If …


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