This includes my affiliations with companies in addition to resources that may be beneficial to you.

Business Affiliations:

The following business affiliations are included on the Business Affiliation page.  These are with Yoga Outlet, Amazon, and Sunny Dawn Johnston.  Products that are referenced in any of my blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest posts will be connected to these vendors.  The goal is to make any of products and services that are used regularly and/or would be beneficial to your healing will be linked to one of these vendors.


Most of the resources listed are individuals that will be helpful to you and your healing.  Looking for what you need to fill your heart with peace, love, and joy is so important that it is encouraged that you review what these great mentors of mine can do for you.

From Left to Right–Sunny Dawn Johnston, Melissa Corter, Jodie Harvala, and Shanda Trofe



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