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Are You Hurting Emotionally and Struggling and Nobody Seems to Understand or Care?

Are you feeling hurt as though nobody seems to care or understand? It is a heavy feeling. Your heart is tremendously heavy with hurt.

Waking up every morning, feeling like you are in a rut and then having to deal with the struggles, whether it is your job – maybe you are laid off at the moment. Maybe your struggles are concerning money, the kids, and on top of that, something always seems to be breaking down. Nothing seems to be going right. When the phone rings you feel yourself cringing. Like a panic attack is beginning. The thoughts begin, “What now?” Inside you feel yourself screaming.

Some of you may actually scream but some of you may be screaming inside so loud that you feel the tears begin to stream down your cheeks. Your close friends and family know you. They know a bit of the struggles you have been facing, and they know how you react, that you grin and push the pain down. Why aren’t they offering to help? They know that you aren’t going to ask them for help. Can’t they hear the desperation in your voice or the shakiness as though you are about to break down into tears. They know that it isn’t easy for you to ask them for help. Don’t they care?

You cannot change them, but you can help yourself deal with the hurt. Here are three ways to move forward from your hurt.

Journaling is a great way to release that hurt from inside of you but it also can be a little difficult not knowing how to start or what to write about. Working with a journal that has prompts allows you to focus on answering the question. Here is an example of one I recommend:

The next way to help you through this difficult time, is to read. Not just reading anything, but, “The Four Agreements”. This book has been so incredible helpful for me. The way the author breaks down the agreements we must have with the Universe is easy to comprehend and really does makes it so easy.

The last way to help you release these feelings of hurt when you aren’t understood is to sometimes retreat for an afternoon of self-care. You can snuggle in a soft blanket and either read the above book or write in your guided journal. Maybe taken a nice relaxing bath is for you. regardless, take time to process your feelings so that you will be ready the next day.

Are you ready to take more lasting steps and transform your entire being? These steps I have offered above are helpful but only provide a temporary solution. Send me an email at contact@mistymthompson.com or send me a private FB Message to start your permanent healing.

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