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Do You Sacrifice Your Own Time, Energy, & Money to Help Others Instead of Using for Your Own Healing?

Constantly dictating your thoughts, words, and actions about not having the resources (time, energy, or money) to begin or continuing the path of your healing only leads to more excuses on the subject of your growth.

We place ourselves at the mercy of others…our children, friends, parents, and even strangers, when it comes to depleting our own resources to the point that we do not have enough for us.

When you are feeling defeated by the world and would love nothing more than to pull the covers over your head and make it all go away, no matter what would happen, you would always end up in the same position you are in right now, unless you make the change to dedicating more resources to yourself.

We tend to put ourselves last, for example, we give our last $5 to those who may want it. I am not talking about those who really need it help, I am talking about those who take advantage of our kindness. This will then put us behind.

Instead of dealing with the actual problem, we tend to keep it inside and take it out on others who really have nothing to do with it. Instead of wanting to feel uneasy say no, we make ourselves feel uncomfortable to the point that it becomes our norm.

This builds and builds until we have lost control. We end up exhausted..mentally, physically, and emotionally, then we are so busy trying to keep up with others and their pain and we tend to support them on their journey that we end up running into a deficit in our own lives. At this point, we are feeling like we are suffocating or that our lungs are filling up with water to the point that we are feeling as though we cannot endure anymore. This inability to breathe leads to feelings of anxiety…our hearts are being crushed.

There is a time and place to dedicate your resources to others; however, your healing is critical to your livelihood. If you aren’t willing to take a stand on your own behalf, what makes you think anyone else will?

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