Do You Feel Discouraged Searching for Something that is Bigger than Yourself?

For most of us, we are constantly looking for that “thing” that is truly bigger than ourselves that we can be passionate about.

We aren’t sure what it is exactly, so we are unclear on what it is we are searching for. We aren’t sure how or when it will show up which adds to the level of frustration.

There is a level of excitement, because of the curiosity factor along with this bigger thing changing our lives for the better, yet we may also feel irritable waiting. It isn’t uncommon to be content with life one day and the next day restless wanting to find that purpose.

It is a longing because it is our true self being pulled in a certain direction. When we fall into those dense emotions, it is no wonder why we are unsure about the messages. Focusing on what we don’t have, creates more of not having. On top of that, having feelings of jealousy for those around us who “appear” to have their purpose figured out, also causes us to doubt.

Having that purpose that will get us excited for life again, is desperately needed. We all have the abilities to tap into soul to reveal that purpose, yet many of us stall. Maybe it is our limiting beliefs – we aren’t worthy, we do not deserve, you aren’t living life properly. That is ridiculous!

This will lead us towards feelings of sadness, discouraged, and misunderstood by our family and friends who do not feel this pull.

I have been there! For years I knew that I was meant for something bigger than myself, not knowing how or when it would be revealed to me. After being lost for over 20 years, I now know what that means for me. I learned how to be open to Source, to trust and believe that when opportunities present themselves, I am able to discern if it is in line with my true self and higher purpose.

If you are sick and tired of living a life that isn’t part of that bigger picture that illuminates your true self, send me a private FB message so you can receive the same results as I have achieved along with my other clients.

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