Balance, True Self

Do you breakdown and weep when you are alone because of your current situation?

Being devastated with life to the point of crying when alone is a mechanism that allows us to continue the charade that we are “okay” and that our lives are “okay” and we are managing even though we aren’t!

It is good to be able to release those pent up emotions but at the same time doing it alone means that we are hiding who we truly are. Let’s be honest, is weeping alone helping to solve the sadness that is being experienced or is it another one of those band-aids that allow us a few more hours or days to handle our current situation? Running to bathroom because something unintentional was said or done by someone else and the tears begin are felt as they well up in your eyes…hoping that before they fall down your cheek and are seen, the bathroom door is securely shut so no one sees the sadness that is written on your face.

Have any of you experienced this? I know I have…many times. For me, it was primarily when I was driving home from work and I had a 15-20 minute commute time. It was that time when I was putting the work stress away until the next day and putting on my, “I am a responsible wife and mother” hat on. That in between time was just too much for me.

Is this how you want to live….not knowing if you will even make it to the next day without crumbling?

I know for a fact that this is not how we should be living our life! Living our lives will no doubt have moments of struggle, but not years or lifetime of struggles….it is supposed to be mostly amazing with bits of struggle. If that isn’t you, right now, then change needs to be explored!

If you are ready to change that way of life for one where you no longer have to be concerned about breaking down and weeping and one that does not require a mask to hide your true self, then send me a private FB message. We will determine if we are a vibrational match so you can receive the same results that I have achieved along with my clients for a life that has tranquility, peace, acceptance, and being your true self. When we possess those attributes, the struggles that we do encounter will not overwhelm us!

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