Are Others to Blame for Your Situation and for Your Unhappiness?

When we are struggling for happiness in our lives, it can be easy to look at how others are treating us and place blame on them.

Besides, how can it be your fault that your significant other treats you badly and when you try to stand up for yourself, you are told that it is all your fault.

Wanting revenge, wanting them to apologize, or realizing that it is time to leave the situation becomes overwhelming to fathom.

What if I told you that it is 100% on you that you are being treated this way? Well it is.

I have had several clients the past few months ask me if I thought they were crazy because they wanted a different life. They needed reassurance. I know that deep down they knew the answer, but what I realized is that by asking me they could blame someone else (me) if things didn’t work out or if their significant other questioned their motives.

For example, I have heard comments from these clients that would say, “I didn’t want to do ________ but he made me feel guilty so I just gave in because it was easier” or “I don’t want to control him, I just want him to take ownership of how he acted”, and “I need guidance on when I am going to find someone else (each of these times I told all of them that until they can leave their current situation and be established on their own with their children in a healthy way, they will not find a partner that will meet your needs).

It isn’t uncommon to find that those who say they want to transform their lives actually will. I have found that those who say want to have a change look for something that is easy to do, teaches them how to have others change based on their needs, and doesn’t cost anything (or very little) to do.

It really doesn’t work that way at all. We all are 100% responsible for our lives and until we are 100% accountable for our lives, it will not change.

If this sounds like you and you are ready to take that step towards learning how to be responsible and accountable for your life and to no longer blame others, send me a FB message. I can guide you towards to same results as myself and my clients.

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