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Are You Desperate to Move Your Pain From Grief to Acceptance?

We seem to be at the mercy of our grief when struggling with the loss of a loved one.

Grief will not automatically end. You will not wake up one day and have it released. It is something that you must make a conscious effort to work through.

It will always be a part of you; however, you have the choice to decide if you will be stuck in that grief, or if you will take those steps to learn acceptance by honoring the loved ones who have passed.

Acceptance does not mean that you are okay with their passing. Obviously your world will change. It does mean that you have the opportunity to work with them on the other side to be a better version of yourself and learn to live a more joyful life.

This will take time and will not happen overnight. I feel that those who are stuck in grief look at the end result and begin feeling overwhelmed with guilt, judgment, and fear. Instead, smaller steps can be achieved every day.

This will honor our loved ones as they want you to be filled with joy and be the best version of yourself and live your life to the fullest.

I pulled a card before this blog, after knowing the subject I would be talking about, and I love how the Universe works….the card was “Joy”. This makes so much sense as we feel that joy is no longer in our lives because of a loss. That is completely untrue. The more correct statement is, we no longer look for the joy because of a loss. Only you can change that.

If you are ready to move your pain from grief to acceptance and honor your loved ones who have passed away, then send me a private FB message. Let’s work together to find more joy in your life and honor your loved ones as they deserve to be honored.

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