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Have Faith and Know the Sun Will Rise Again.

I recently read an interesting article in the Unity Church’s publication, “Daily Word” from the March/April 2019 edition.

Because it is Easter this month, this article resonated with me. The story of Jesus being buried in a tomb and three days later it was discovered that he was not there. The women who discovered this, were unsure how this happened, yet they came to realize that Jesus was with them, only in a different form.

I can only imagine the gratitude, hope, and relief they must have felt knowing that yes he was gone in a physical sense but he was and always will be with them in a spiritual (energetic) sense.

We can relate to those feelings of loss that Jesus’ followers felt towards his death. The shock of losing a loved one can be completely paralyzing.

At the time, we may not understand or see the higher good of this loss, allow yourself to open up to the gratitude, hope, and relief of knowing that your loved ones are still with you, only in a different way. Like Jesus, we are a creation of God, and I choose to believe that even though their physical form may not be there, their spiritual, or energetic, form is and always will be.

Staying in a state of gratitude, love, and appreciation, will open yourself up to physically seeing, hearing, or smelling your loved one. This is a reminder that they are around you. It will happen when you least expect it.

Some ways I have been connected to my sister include: Seeing my sister’s eyes looking at me through my youngest daughter (who never met my sister). I smell cigarette smoke in my house which reminds me of my granny (and my sister) even though no one has ever smoked in my house.

Just on Facebook today, one of my soul sisters, K. G. posted that she met up with a stranger who reminded her of her father who has passed. Come to find out his embroidered name on his uniform shirt was her maiden name. She had a picture with this “stranger” and her face lit up. She understood the power of our loved ones still connecting with us. Although she is saddened of her father’s death, she is open to connecting with him in a different way. I imagine this not only brought her joy, but the gentleman was probably happy to do something good for someone.

These are only a few examples of how our loved ones still connect with us. We can remain stuck swearing that the sun will never rise again, or we can remain hopeful, trusting God’s bigger plan, one that is truly bigger than any one of us.

Having faith and trusting in the power of God’s plan will remind you that good can come out of a situation that we may perceive as “bad”. Complete and utter despair should be temporary but will linger as long as you will allow it to. It doesn’t mean that you are healed of grief, but being stuck in grief blocks the amazing possibilities that you can encounter.

This article reminds us that celebrating Easter is not only for us to remember the resurrection of Jesus, but it symbolizes the resurrection of ourselves from the death we have felt after losing our loved ones.

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