Flow, Your Path

Creating a Flow to Reach Clarity

Creating a flow is how we move forward in life. We can choose to make this flow one that is beneficial towards the clarity of our life purpose or by just flowing through life, with no clarity. This inevitably will lead to uncertainty towards no purpose. As humans, we have the free will to choose.

Choosing to move towards clarity of purpose, can be done semi-effortlessly, if we open ourselves up to the help of our Spirit Team. My Spirit Team only needs God; however, the Archangels, loved ones and friends who have transitioned, my guardian angel, etc. reminds me that these beings are also connected with God, and I love knowing that my sister, and grandmothers are helping me with my purpose.

Allowing the kayak to flow in the river, regardless on how rough the waters can get, trusting and doing our part of the work, will lead us to the clarity and purpose of our life. Being consciously aware of what we must do to continue that flow will be shown to us as we reach each phase.

What stalls the progress of clarity is when we stop doing our part of the work because we get lazy and just want the river’s current to carry us through. We will keep floating and moving slowly but at that point, you are giving your power away to whatever happens and to wherever you end up. Most of the time, it isn’t where the desire is. Instead of taking responsibility, most people will complain, become angry, jealous, frustrated and will compare themselves to others. This will ultimately crete a victim’s mentaility.

The more we stay in this negative/lower vibration, the more it will slow our progress to clarity. Staying in this state is lonely and feels as though we have been stranded in the middle of the river, stuck in rocks or a sandbar. It is then we may have to row a little backwards so that we can move forward. Again, we have free will and are able to choose differently, but there is work involved.

I have received the clarity to know that my purpose is to help others. I know that I am to help those who are stuck on a sandbar, without their paddle, and searching for the clarity of their purpose. However, the ones I am choosing to help are the ones who have decided that they are willing to do their part and the work necessary. I can guide, coach, and be a support; however, it is your life and I cannot want your success more than you want your success. That will not serve either one of us in a positive way.

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