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Fighting the Holiday Blues

This time of the year is beautiful as we connect with friends and family and celebrate our families’ traditions; however, it can also be an overwhelming time  as well. Missing the physical presence of those loved ones who have passed away and putting an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves to make sure parties thrown and gift giving is perfect can cause an extreme amount of stress.  Some of my clients have been feeling a bit defeated lately and I know that it is a tough a time. I hope that the following suggestions help you if you are fighting holiday blues this year.

  • Be committed to wanting to feel better.  It is a choice that we make on whether or not we will release those blues.  I know it isn’t easy, but you have to set it in your head that you are going to make your best effort.  I am a believer of faking it until you make it. You may have to act happy and bubbly at first but you will become infected with your own joy.
  • Ask for help. Ask those around you for help. You do not have to do it all yourself.  Do only what is necessary.  I still tell myself that done is better than perfect. This also means do not over extend yourself. No is an answer and you do not have to offer an explanation.
  • Take time for yourself. Either early morning or in the evening take some time for yourself. This isn’t always easy but give yourself some time alone to allow the emotions of sadness to overcome you. Cry if you must…it is when you allow it to consume your every waking moment. That is when you become lost in the sadness.
  •  Missing a loved one who has passed?  Think about whether they want you to be sad or happy, especially during this time of the year. Honor them by celebrating…remember your loved ones who have parted are still with you, all the time. Be open to their connection. Sadness is a frequency that blocks the energy of your loved ones. Joy, peace, happiness, and love are the higher frequencies that invite their energy to come through.
  • Look at the holidays through the eyes of a child. Remember the magic of the holidays!! It is your turn to pass that on to the children in your life.
  • Ground and Surround. Visualizing that your feet have grown roots and are being planted in the ground helps any negative energy to travel to the ground. It also helps you to stay focused on our humanly responsibilities. Surrounding yourself allows the Archangels to form a bubble around you and they offer you what you need. Michael/blue/protection, Raphael/green/healing, Chamuel/pink/unconditional love, Gabriel/white/communication, Zadkiel/violet/forgiveness, Jophiel/yellow/beauty, Uriel/red/transmutation of energy.
  • Read something inspirational. Reading inspirational stories daily, help brighten your outlook. Someone’s struggles and ultimate triumph can bring you hope.
  • Journaling. Write down your feelings and get them out of your head. This may help release them. Tear, shred, or burn the negative entries. Allow them to be destroyed.
  • Meditate. Quiet your mind. You may have to tell your mind to be quiet (out loud). A great way to help you be mindful is to do yoga. You will be focusing on the positions, which will distract your mind. Be in the present moment.
  • Take responsibility for your feelings. No one can make feel anger or sadness. You must make the conscious choice to take ownership of your feelings.  People are being who they are. Most of the time they are not doing things on purpose just to be mean. It is how they are. We choose whether we want their beliefs, words, or actions to affect us. If you are choosing these dark and heavy emotions based on their interactions with you, maybe it is time to re-evaluate the need to be around them.  

Remember do not be so hard on yourself. Believe it or not, the most important detail is that you are enjoying yourself and allowing yourself to be in the present moment.

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