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Season of Change

This is the time of the year when we can reflect on the past and begin to bring those ideologies we once believed to the surface and dissect  them to take only the important parts of those lessons from our experiences and evolve.

I believe that in order for that evolution to take place, you must release the individuals, beliefs, and stories that no longer serve you.

It is difficult to let go of something that you may have known for so long, but start small. To help clear some of that emotion that may be binding to you like sap on a tree, realize that the story who have been told that you must accept that the sap is and always will be a part of you, as false. Hanging on to that story stops you from your evolution. Release it.

Start with those areas in your life that you must do, then work on the physical clutter around, this will help you release the emotional confusion you are holding inside. We keep physical clutter because we fear of letting go. These are only “physical” items and surrounding yourself with these can give you a false sense of security.

Times change, things change, and people change, to stay stuck in the same place you always have been and then wondering why your world is becoming uncomfortable, sticky, heavy, and binding can be overwhelming. It is because you are not allowing yourself to evolve.

We are meant to grow, expand, and change but procrastinating is only going to cause you unhappiness.  Change your perspective a little each day to find happiness. It is okay to be sad at that door you are closing but imagine the possibilities on that open door that you will walk through.

The earth does this every year. The leaves change and are beautifully colored green, gold, and orange; however, that beauty must go through it’s modification and at the right time, the leaves will release and fall off of the tree. The tree begins its yearly metamorphosis as it is bare for the winter but in the spring will create a new chapter as it will once again release new blooms as if it is entering a new door.


You can do this as well. Trust, believe, and have faith that the Creator, God, is taking care of things and we must find it in our hearts to roll with the changes in our lives as best as we can and learn not to grab for dear life the security net because we are afraid. I promise, it will be okay.

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