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How to Create Amazing Opportunities in 3 Life Changing Steps

Being open to great opportunities is something that we all want to attract in our lives.  The problem is that we (as humans) tend to control how those opportunities happen, what opportunities will come our way, and when they will show up,   As we try and manipulate a particular outcome a couple of things end up happening:

  • 1.  We end up blocking anything and everything we desire; and
  • 2.  We end up giving up on the process and begin to step in a “victim” mode.

Neither of these options will help us achieve our goals of attracting opportunities for us.  These opportunities can come as a job you are passionate about, financial abundance, or  a relationship.  Before any of these can happen, you must work on your own self.

I use these three steps to create amazing opportunities for myself:

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  1.  BEing Grateful:  Gratitude is really important because if you do not appreciate all that you have now, mind is not going to believe that you are deserving.  Our True Self knows better, but because of the conditioning society has placed on us and how we were raised, plays a role in us believing such nonsense.  It does; however, interfere with us getting what we truly desire. Write in your journal the areas that you are grateful for and why.  The more you do this, the more it will come naturally throughout your day.
  2. BEing Present:  Being present ensures that we are aware of all that is happening right here and right now.  When we worry about the future we are lacking the trust and faith that all is going to be okay.  We cannot guarantee all that we want for the future, but again this is a form of control.  Worrying about the future is saying that we do not have control of the outcome we desire.  We can; however, control how we want to view the future.  It is our choice. Trust, believe and have faith that the future will what it is and choose that no matter what happens, we will know it is for our higher good.
  3. BE MindFULL:  Being mindful takes those two areas and brings it all together.  Being mindful is being aware of what you have and being present is being aware of what you could have if you would slow that chatter in your head focus on what is happening right here, right now.  Take the time right now to feel your body, listen to the sounds around you, and the messages that you are receiving.  Being mindful helps so you do not miss the opportunities.  Those that you are desiring.  Paying attention to the present moments is when direction comes, whether it is another person, an idea, or a conversation, Being mindful is the key.  Being mindful can involve meditation, walking, or even eating. All of these requires you to be mindful.

Starting off with those three areas, will help you attract opportunities based on your desires.  Journal those thoughts and feelings that come to you.  Do not judge it, embrace it.  Know that you can attract amazing opportunities, you deserve it.

To benefit from being mindful and how you can balance your mind, body, & spirit so you can listen to your own inner guidance, attract opportunities, learn healthy habits, appreciate the joy in everyday moments, creating peace in your life and become more observant when it comes to gratitude in your life, sign up for my online course:

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