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Receiving Opportunities

My intention for 2018 was and continues to be to put myself out there.  By this, I mean 2018 Goals.jpgthat for my business, I am going to start pursuing those opportunities that present themselves to me.  I believe that our words and even our thoughts play a part on whether those opportunities begin to manifest.

It is no joke, that once I put that intention out there, so many opportunities began to show itself.  I wasn’t specific on what kind of opportunities I was searching for, so note to self, remember to be as specific as possible.  Thankfully, it really worked out for me.  I believe that it was because of my thoughts.  I visualized myself writing for several newspapers and magazines and speaking at different events.  The more I said yes to these opportunities, the more they started coming in.

These opportunities came in the form of training. I knew that these training opportunities would definitely lead to something more.  I knew that maybe the training I was working towards may not happen; however, I knew that it would lead to something else.

I feel that if you begin to trust, I mean really trust, the higher source will ensure that you will receive the opportunities that you need and are capable of handling, To try this theory for yourself, work on this simple exercise and see for yourself.  The key; however, is that you let go and do not try to manipulate or control the outcome.  Just see what happens:

  1. Ask God and his Angels to provide you with an opportunity.  Be specific.
  2. Daily, meditate on this request, ask that you receive a clear sign, one that you will understand.
  3. Read something inspirational for about 10 minutes.
  4. After completing the first three steps, next journal.  You do not have to think, just write.  If you are having trouble getting started, begin writing what you are grateful for.  Write what opportunities you are seeking out.
  5. Be open to receive.  Sometimes you may receive guidance or an opportunity that you weren’t expecting.  Remember, that may lead to something else in the future.
  6. Most importantly….Believe!!  Believe that it is real, believe that you are worthy, believe that you are capable, believe that you have something to offer the world, and believe that the fear you are experiencing is just your ego trying to protect you.

All of these steps have helped me and I know they will help you too, if you give the process a chance.  Once I realized that the fear I was acknowledging was really False Expectations Appearing Real, I decided that I needed to release it.

Releasing these fears will allow the positive opportunities to fill that area that was  once infesting your mind, soul, and your body.


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