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Personal Obligations

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While meditating this morning, I was guided by my Spirit Team to write about our obligations.  I will be discussing not only what is truly our obligations but how to recognize areas that we may feel are our obligations, but really are just situations that we are wanting to manipulate or control.

Our Obligations:

We are obligated to handle certain responsibilities in order to hold ourselves accountable.  As children we are responsible for age appropriate responsibilities that will gradually increase in difficulty as we grow older.  As adults, we need to take all of the information that we have learned and apply so we can become responsible adults who handle our commitments to the best of our abilities.

It isn’t too early to learn.  When I am watching my two-year old grandson, I have him help me with some of my responsibilities, like my laundry.  He loves helping me move the clothes from the washer to the dryer.  Obligations that mean cleaning our house so we live in a clean environment is pretty self-explanatory, so is keeping ourselves clean.  As adults, being the example for our children and grandchildren is also our responsibilities.  How are they supposed to learn if we aren’t stepping up to the plate?

Being responsible for ourselves practices for when we are older and have children of our own.  We must be able to support ourselves and our children by holding down a job.  Again, our actions are great examples to those around us.Responsible

Besides those requirements, we must remember that we have free will on whether we are interested in following those basics.  We have a choice and to those who may not want live in a responsible way, we must learn to let them make their own choice.  Our only concern is whether someone is in danger as a result, such as a child or someone who is unable to defend themselves in a rough situation.  At that point, it is our duty to help those who cannot help themselves.

Not our obligation:

Like stated above, we all have free will and we must remember that we all think and believe differently.  When someone wants to stay home and chooses not to work, we must honor that as it is not our obligation to decide what someone else should or should not do.  As parents to young adults, it is so difficult not to dictate what should or should not be done; however, it is time for them to live their own life and learn from their choices.  If we did a good job of setting an example and applying age appropriate responsibilities to our children, we have fulfilled our duty as parents (it really isn’t easy to watch our children make those mistakes, though).

Tolerance for others, especially when the world is really out of control like it is, is imperative.  Being responsible for our own self and not judging others for their choices will lead to tolerance.  Tolerance will then lead towards respect.  Respect will lead towards love. Love will equal peace and that is certainly what we need more of…..LOVE and PEACE.  Love & Peace


When someone does not think or act the way we believe they should, we tend to judge their actions and if we are able, we end up controlling their actions.  This is called manipulation and is terribly wrong.  Here are a few tips to help you overcome the need to control others:

Be Present:  Being present will help you to be aware of what you are saying and acting.  Have you driven down the road and really didn’t remember even driving that far?  I know I have.  If you were present, you would have remembered.

Ask the Angels:  Ask the Angels to take care of the person you are thinking of.  Imagine a huge blue bubble surrounding the person with the love and knowledge they need to be able to make good choices for themselves.

Also, ask the Angels to help you as well.  Help with turning off the judgments and to also surround yourself with a big blue bubble and that you are embraced with the Angel’s love.

Focus on What You are Lacking:  The need to control others indicates that you are lacking in someway.  Take a hard look at what is going on in your life to work that out.  Whether it is meditation, journaling, or going to church, whatever it is that will bring you back to the basics, do.  If you aren’t sure, try different things.  In addition to the above items, staying distracted on organizational projects around your house may help, exercise like walking or yoga, learning a new course, or reading may help you get back centered into your own concerns.


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Writing this blog has reminded me to get back to some of my beliefs and I hope it has given you some ideas to help remind you of your obligations and those that are not your concern.

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