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While working with several of my clients, the subject of mapping their future has been revealed.  it is a reminder that they have the power and the ability to create their own destiny.

This has been quite an inspiration to me.  As I converse with them on what this entails, it is a clear reminder to me, that I too need to remember this incredible gift that we as humans can create, if we choose.  We must remember that because of our free will, we are able to make our own choices.  I regularly see, that instead of making the progress my clients want to make, they are completely shocked when I tell them that they are the ones holding themselves back.  It really isn’t any other person sabotaging them at all, like they think.  Here are a few tips that I have shared with my clients, that maybe will help you should you be aching to map your own future.

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  • Take responsibility:  Each of us are responsible for our own lives that includes our  reactions and our emotions.  It is not possible for someone to “make you mad”.  You choose that emotion.  Realizing that you have a choice to take responsibility for every aspect of your life, is a beginning step to creating your map for the future.
  • Learn from the past:  Learning from past experiences is imperative.  When you ignore red flags and bypass the lessons, your messages can get louder.  This can and normally will set you back on your path that can cause frustrations.  Eliminate unnecessary difficulties.
  • Put yourself out there:  Putting yourself out there is like taking an expressway as you get closer to your future opportunities.  This is because you have faith and believe in yourself and your future.  When you do not have faith, you have fear.  Fear is “False Expectations Appearing Real”.  When you have fear, you have doubt.  You cannot have faith and fear at the same time.  It is up to you to take responsibility (see the first bullet point) for the choice that you make.  If you are showing fear, do not get upset when your future isn’t being mapped out like you want it to.
  • Do the work:  The Universe will work with you and for you; however, you do have to do your part as well.  Your part is doing the work.  Whether that is putting yourself out there, stepping into your power, learning from your past, taking a new job, moving to a new city, learning something new, or changing a bad habit.  We must do the work in order for us to move forward on the map of our future.

We create our own future, based on the choices and decisions we make now, in the present moment, so choose wisely.

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