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There has only been 35 days in this new year so far, and I have had so many “A-ha” moments.  I know there is going to be more of those “A-ha’s” throughout the year, and it is going to be one of increased learning.  During those moments of awareness, there is one thing that continued to show up for me and that was to trust my intuition.  You should, too.

We all have parts of our personalities that can rub others the wrong way, but I have learned that an individual’s personality is just a human trait.  What is important is the inner truth of an individual.  We are all trying to balance our human side and spiritual side and that is what needs to be acknowledged.  It is important that I align myself with those individuals who see who I really am.  A spirit trapped inside a human body, trying hard to balance the spiritual self with the foreign human side that has an ego and personality, without judgements.


Those I have aligned myself with is so much better than it was three years ago; however, it seems the people I would least expect to have judgments about me are the ones that have the most judgments.

This tells me the following:

  1. I need to release expectations I put on myself and others. 
  2. I must be compassionate to others.  They have their own bumps in the road that they are working through.  I will pray that God will help them through their struggles.
  3. I have judgments around myself and that is why I am being aligned with others who, I feel, are judging me. 
  4. I must remember to always be my true self and trust my intuition.  I can learn from others and they will learn from me as well.  

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