Goodness Abounds – Spread Kindness by Giving and Receiving

I am fortunate to be a contributing author for the book, “Goodness Abounds – 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness” that was released on November 14th.  This book is Volume 4 of the #1 Bestselling 365 Book Series.  This book was also a best seller on Amazon.

These stories have been written from over 275 authors and it warms my heart to read all of these sKindness1tories of kindness.  Just last week our exterminator was telling my husband, daughter, and me about the kindness he encountered recently on an out of town trip.  He had broke down on the interstate and was really surprised when someone actually stopped to help him out.  What caught me was that he was “surprised” to receive the help he needed.  When I was younger, it was an automatic reaction to help someone who was broke down on the side of the road or to not hesitate to receive any help.  There wasn’t any reason to hesitate.

I travel by myself regularly to Tucson and Phoenix and I would be very cautious to not only help someone but to receive help from someone should I break down.  Not because of I do not want to offer or receive assistance, but it is a time when you have to be extremely cautious and be safe.  It doesn’t mean that you cannot offer kindness and assistance in other ways.  When we spread and receive kindness, even small acts, it will spread slowly but it will.  That is where it all starts, with us.

Several people that I encounter, whether it is family, friends, clients, or acquaintances, really have no concern with spreading kindness, it is their nature and I love that.  What is important for these individuals and the others who give, is to remember to receive kindness.  It doesn’t matter how big or small the kindness gesture is but you MUST receive graciously.  Be appreciative and thank them for their kindness.  Those who do not accept the gesture or down talk the compliment is denying the person the opportunity to give.

When you give kindness, you feel good in your heart that you are able to help someone.  When you deny that kindness from someone wanting to help you, you are in fact stealing that joy from the other person.  Kindness will not grow and infect others in a joyful and positive way, if you do not accept it.  Again, it doesn’t matter how big or small the kindness act is, but imagine the ripple affect you prevented because you did not receive their kindness.

Changing your perspective on the bigger picture will help kindness grow.  When you give and receive kindness, you are showing your children (no matter how old they are), grandchildren, and those you encounter, the example to follow.  This is what will inevitably ensure that kindness will grow and make the world a better place.

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