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Clutter Clearing

I feel so complete after I finished with about 75% of my clutter clearing.  I made this a priority in August and by putting it in writing in the form of a blog I put that plan into motion with the universe.  Since then I have reorganized the kitchen pantry, my side of the closet, one drawer of clothing, and the big one, my office space.

When it is time for you to transform and change as a person, it is an important thing to remember that to reinforce and promote your transformation, you should change something physical.  That way you are in complete alignment:  mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Following some ideas regarding Feng Shui may also help.

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While speaking with several of my clients, in August and in September, they too have been experiencing some sort of change.  I am far from being an expert; however, I believe it has something to do with the solar eclipse that we encountered along with the full moon a few days after.

I remember not to so hard on yourself, as the time and motivation needed to complete a task like reorganizing, will come to you at the right time.  If you claim that you do not have the time or motivated to handle such a task, guess what….you won’t.  Whatever it is you say, that is what you putting out to the universe, so choose your words wisely.

Taking it slow and working on your organization a few minutes a day will help, too if you feel that you must start the process.  We all can find 10 minutes in our day.

There are several articles on Pinterest that you may find helpful that I have pinned on my Organization Board.


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