Grateful, Stephanie


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My sister’s death happened in 1993.  To think that was over 20 years ago completely baffles me.  Looking back now, it is hard to believe that my family was involved with something so terrible.  It truly is a story that is like a movie.  My life was so different then. My life now is truly amazing and it really is because of experiences that happened in my past.

Even though my sister’s death was not obviously something that directly happened to me, I feel as though it was something that completely changed my life.  Now 20+ years later, I realize that this tragic event has a definite deeper meaning….that is for another blog post. While writing this book, it brought me back to those emotions that I felt and even those emotions I buried.  I couldn’t feel anything back then.  I had no time and really no support. I tried to be strong for my  mom and be available for whatever she needed.  I had three young children (my daughter was about 7 and my twins were about 2), was married, and had a full-time job.  There really was no time for me to grieve, especially since we didn’t know if she had actually passed on.

Looking back now, of course I didn’t want anything like this to happen to my sister, but it did.  All I can do is take the lessons presented to me and learn from them.  Writing the book about my experiences certainly allowed me to feel what needed to be felt, especially those emotions that I buried and dissect those lessons.  I have written in past posts about the individual lessons and this last lesson was absolutely and definitely, gratitude.

I am grateful that I was able to feel those feelings, I am grateful that my children are gook kids, working and making their way.  I am grateful that Stephanie is with me now and that she contacted me back then when she was missing.  I am grateful that this tragedy opened up my gifts.  I am grateful that I followed the guidance that I was given both by Stephanie and by my Angels.  My life is now turning out to be the way I want it and the more I am releasing fear and trusting in God, it is opening up even more.  I know that through Stephanie I am and will continue to help people with my messages and I am grateful for that.

Tragedy took my sister away, but I know that there can be blessings from tragedies.  There is no need to feel guilty about that.  I believe that if we do not find the good in tragedies then we are not trusting in God.  He really does have a bigger plan and we must believe in Him, especially when we are involved with any type of a hardship.  I am grateful!!

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