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Stephanie – – Love

The next five posts will be honoring my sister.  The book about the two of us will be released soon and I want these blog posts to review some of the lessons I learned as a result of this book.  The first one is love.

                    Stephanie (pictured Left) and me, June 1993 two months before she disappeared.  Photo credit:  Holladay’s Photo Emporium

Love is a funny thing.  It makes people do crazy things, some good and some bad. Regardless, it is something that we all have experienced.  It is never too late to recognize the love you have for someone.  For me, I recognized that I truly love my sister while writing this book.

Our loved ones are always with us.  I know everyone has heard that phrase, but I know for a fact that it is indeed true.  My sister is not only with me based on the memories we had together, but because I recognize her true self.  Opening up my spiritual side has made me realize that because we are primarily a soul that lives in a physical body, that soul does not ever die.  It only transitions to another place and form.  I know her physical body was tattered and worn but her spirit is bright, caring, and thoughtful and always with me.

Our loved ones constantly give us signs that they are truly with us.  The problem is that we are so busy with our daily lives that we do not stop and listen to what our loved ones who have passed has to say.  Now you can but there is a little work with it.  When you catch yourself having conversations inside your head, stop yourself in your tracks.   Close your eyes…take a deep breath in and hold for five seconds…let that breath out and imagine your cares and problems being released with it.  This opens your mind and heart to allow spirit to come in.  Ask the Angels and your Spirit Guides for help.  You must ask due to our own free will.  You will slowly begin to see spirit coming through in undreamed of ways.

Love is a remarkable thing and I have learned that it is never to late to  recognize and honor love.

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  1. Very beautiful. I know her physical body was tattered and worn but her spirit bright caring and thoughtful is always with me. Perfect chilling description. Love it

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