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Shining Bright

I recently attended a retreat in Sedona and the work I did that brightened the light in me was astonishing.  I really did not expect to feel so changed, but I did.

There were so many activities that we experienced during our 3 1/2 days there but one that completely resonated with me was our experience next to the creek.  Each of our experiences was different and were perfect for us.  I found that I began writing in my journal and although I was aware I was writing about my experience in my journal after I re-read, I realized that I had a tremendous amount of help.  As I became comfortable on a massive rock, I felt the sun radiating on my face and found that it was extremely easy to write what I was experiencing.

I wrote, “I was soaking in the familiar light that I had been missing in my life for so long.  The intoxicating and rhythmic sound of the flowing water invited me to leave my cares and concerns with it so it could be taken away.  As I became more and more comfortable, I thanked the waters for this amazing gift.  If I tried to explain my involvement to those closest to me, I do not know if I would be able to find the exact words that would convey the feelings that I was experiencing as it was massive.  I released the guilt, shame, frustration and allowed myself to forgive myself and others.  The creek and it’s healing water is more than willing to take on my cares, as it understands the greater good in order for the light and love of the higher source to envelope me entirely with love.  The knowing that all is well and that my God believes in me gives me confidence that I too am now able to believe in myself and I accept all of me.  I will no longer allow anyone’s judgments, not even my own, affect me and I will now let my light shine for the world to see.”

I am still amazed that i was able to convey my experience with those words as every time I read it I remember sitting on that huge rock.  It is important that you all remember to let your light shine bright for the world to see.  Be proud of the goodness you portray.  The world needs more light in these times of conflict and negativity and it must be illuminated by us.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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