Prosperity & Abundance

Today is 8/8….. The number 8 represents prosperity & abundance.  We all could use that in our lives, no matter what our situation is.  This doesn’t necessarily mean money.  It could be other areas in our lives.  The one that comes to my mind is relationships and love.  Remember what you put out you receive.  So if you put out into the universe money to help those in need, you will receive money when you are in need.  If you put out love, you will receive love.

I am involved with an online class with some amazing ladies who are teaching this very subject.  It is great, as I have received not only monetary abundance put more like minded amazing souls that I can now call my friends our soul sisters.  As I posted a few weeks ago, being grateful is important for this as well so remember to be grateful for the prosperity and abundance in your life no matter how small you think it is.

Make this day a great one while focusing on abundance and prosperity.  Ask the Angels to help you with this area in your life and trust that it will happen for you.  When you let go and let god, amazing things can happen.

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