Grateful, Journal


Keeping a journal is one way to keep your thoughts in line with your heart’s true desire. Have you ever felt that your thoughts were a jumbled mess in your head?  I definitely have and for me, journaling is a way to keep those thoughts organized.  Also, I am one that as I keep those thoughts written down, it keeps them posted in my memory.

Journaling helps you not only organize your thoughts but it can also get rid of negative thoughts from consuming you.  Write them down in a journal, tear those pages out and burn them.  This allows them to burn into the Universe so that God and the Angels can take care of it for you.  It is something that can be extremely therapeutic when you are having one of those not so great human moments.  It is also there to show that God and the Angels have our backs.  It is nice to have that reassurance every now and then.

Journaling is also great for those joyful human moments when you are grateful.  Journaling those grateful moments are also therapeutic.  When you are having those not so great days, you can pull out your journal and recall those days when you were feeling grateful.  Those days have helped me, more than once, bring joy to my day when I was able to read my grateful moments.

Hopefully that will work for you, too.

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