Balance, Grateful

Finding Balance

Finding balance in your life is something that is imperative to do.  There are many aspects in one’s life that needs balancing.  Career and family, alone time, time with the kids, and time with your spouse, giving and receiving, passion and housework.  These are just a few.

If you are not balancing all of the aspects in your life, you will begin to show the affects. When you are out of balance, areas of your life will not function properly.  Emotional, monetary, physical, mental and relationship aspects of your life will begin to deteriorate.

Life is about giving and receiving.  When you give too much of yourself to someone, you become resentful and begin to believe that your kindness is being taken advantage of.  In a relationship, if you are receiving too much from the other person without giving anything, you may begin to  feel guilty.

To find balance, make sure when you give you find a way to receive and vice versa.  When someone does something nice for you, repay them by doing something nice for them.  Allow people to pay for lunch if offered.  This allows them to give you something, in addition, allows you to receive something.  Take a compliment gracefully by saying thank you.

Ask the Angels to help you.  If you aren’t used to maintaining balance, it is hard to remember to do.  The Angels are always here to help you with these earthly lessons.  Take a sea salt bath.  Journal and meditate to help you find more balance in your life.  When opportunities arise, thank the Angels for allowing these lessons to be brought into your life.  Be grateful for the people in your life who are here to show you these valuable lessons in giving and receiving.

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