Being Grateful

My husband, my youngest daughter Tuesday, and I took a vacation to Southern California.  I am drawn to that place.  I always have been.  I love the ocean and I feel as though my problems are incredibly insignificant when I come into contact with the beach.

I am incredibly grateful for the trip we made.  I tell myself every day how grateful being retired is and that my vacations are enjoyable knowing that work isn’t waiting for me piled up when I return.

I am grateful that our travels went very well without any vehicle trouble on our drive from Thatcher, Arizona to Burbank, California and that we weren’t involved with any accidents on the Interstate to Southern California and on the crazy Los Angeles freeways.

Our trip was a blast.  We had tickets to Warner Brothers Studio Tour where we were able to walk on the set of the Big Bang Theory.  We went to Georgetown Cupcakes on Robertson Blvd., We took a tour of Paramount Studios, but I believe the highlight was getting tickets to be in the audience of Girl Meets World, a Disney Channel Television Show, and that my daughter was able to meet the two girls who starred in the show.

You can believe that I prayed and asked for guidance from the Angels several times during that trip and as always we were taken care of.  And for that I am grateful.

Remember to always be grateful, even for those smaller things that do not seem like much or that you just expect to work out.


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