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This is my first blog and I started this blog to help people find their Spiritual Path.  I am finally able to dedicate a lot more of my time to helping people now that I am retired.  I am 47 years old, married and I have four children, Brittany, age 30, Jacob, age 25, Joshua, age 25 and Tuesday, age 14.  They are my inspiration and my shooting stars.  My inspiration has expanded to now include my grandchildren,  Josiah, age 9, Damian, age 5, Ashton, age 4, and the new baby boy who is actually due on August 5.  I have four step-grandchildren and even though I don’t see them a lot, I still appreciate them and what they bring to our family.  They are Robert, age 18, Vanessa, age 16, Angylena, age 13, and Nicole, age 4.

I have realized that all of us are continually trying to find purpose to our life.  I have learned that the more we follow our heart and our intuition, the happier we are.  When we aren’t our true selves, it seems that we just end up just surviving instead of actually living.  I know people that think that their experiences define them.  I used to think that when bad things or experiences happened it was because I just deserved those things because of my social or financial situation.  I believed that is just how things were and even though I trusted that when I grew older and ended up on my own, I was going to be in a better situation, I was okay if I ended up the way I was already in.  I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence and I was very shy.  I felt that I really didn’t have a lot to offer the world.  Now that has changed.

My plan is to keep posting blogs regularly.  I am hoping to post a blog once a week.  As the blogs progress, I will be getting more involved with my Spiritual journey and how I currently help people and will help you on your path.  This is what I need to do to follow my heart.


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