Mission Statement

We are a Spiritual business that guides our clients, and those we connect with, to help with their struggles of feeling lost, and the need to find their purpose, so they can feel validated and obtain clarity all from a place of love.


We are guided on the principles that everyone is on their own path and will make their own free will choices. We are here to respect where they are, we will not judge their choices, we will offer them positive and loving energy, and hold space for them to be accountable and responsible for their own life.

About Misty

Misty is a Spiritual Life Coach and a Mind/Body/Spirit Practitioner. She uses different modalities to help her clients find their purpose, while validating their feelings so they can obtain clarity and strengthen their connection to Source. Misty is here to help you heal your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual self so you will be the best version of yourself.


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Calling those who have sacrificed themselves to be the person others wanted you to be. Join my FREE Facebook Group where we will share tips and secrets towards your new journey. Now is the time to find your true self by discovering and creating your life!

Three Introductory Ways Towards Finding Your True Self

This document was designed for those of you who are ready to take action in the next phase of your life by offering you three simple yet effective ways that will guide you towards finding your true self.

B. Leachet

Misty is utterly amazing, she is very caring and truly puts her heart into what she does.

R. C.Phoenix, Arizona

I would highly recommend Misty for anyone seeking spiritual guidance. I was at a very low point in my life and the Readings brought such hope, encouragement, and comfort to me. Today I am happy, whole, and at peace with my life.

Chelsea MawyinTucson, Arizona

My experience with Misty was amazing! First of all her presence was radiant. She told me many valid things and gave me answers I was searching for. It was great not only did she give me a reading , my grandmother had come through ! Her advice was great and very helpful. After my reading I felt a big sense of relief and peace that I haven't felt in a long time. I look forward to seeing her again sometime ! She is the real deal

K. ShaeferPhoenix, Arizona

Misty is absolutely amazing and a powerful medium! She helped me transform some painful grief I was experiencing. She exceeds expectation.

Sheree TedderSafford, Arizona

I met and was drawn to Misty at a local health fair not realizing at the time that she would change the way I exist. She teaches and provides tools, handouts, blog posts and support to use as we move forward ourselves. I feel I cannot emphasize enough how she has helped me and taught me to help myself. She is truly one the amazing gems scattered on the Earth and I have been blessed to have been in her shine.

Connection Package

  • Be connected and receive guidance from your loved ones who have died, your angels, and by Source. You will receive:
  • 3 - 1 1/2 hour sessions that includes coaching or readings whichever are needed for your growth
  • Email Support in between sessions to answer any questions, concerns, or speed bumps you are encountering
  • Workbook that includes homework assignments and information to reinforce your healing

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